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How It All Started

About twenty-two years ago now I started visiting with the kids at my church that had come forward during the salvation invitation in our worship service. I also followed them up and tried to get them off to a good start in their Christian lives. During these visits with children I learned that although they had come forward for salvation, many of them did not understand salvation at all. Some came forward as a step in the process of becoming Christians, but others walked the aisle for attention or out of curiosity. I found that all of our counseling materials and procedures fell short in explaining salvation to children. So I set to work.

The Answers For New Christians Beginning

I scratched out the first lessons of Answers For New Christians during a visit with a little boy who was bored to death with the book I was using. He kept looking off and fidgeting. Rather than lose him, I drew some stick figures and just started telling a story in my own words. Then he asked, “Can I color that?” That is the day the Answers For New Christians format of story pages next to coloring pages was born.

God Put the Pieces of Answers For New Christians Together

I kept writing and copying my lessons every week for the kids. Then the church printed them up and they looked like a real book. I kept teaching the “New Christian Class” and refining the lessons. Children liked the lessons and I liked the way that they payed attention. Then my best friend Paula’s husband, Stuart, offered to illustrate the book. God was putting the pieces together.

The Beautiful Version of Answers For New Christians

One day as I sat at the computer, working on Answers For New Christians, my husband came and stood over my shoulder. Then he handed me some money. He said, “I was saving this to go back home (to Israel) to see my family. I want you to take it and publish your book.” This was the beginning of the beautiful professionally printed version of Answers, and the birthday of Little Light Press.

Answers For New Christians Can Help You Share Christ With the Kids That You Love

As I look back, I say, glory to God. I pray that Answers For New Christians will help you share Christ with the kids that you love. I thank God for his goodness, and for allowing me to share Jesus with little ones.   If you want to get the kids you love something that they will always treasure, Get them a copy of the Eternal Salvation workbook, coloring book, storybook, and keepsake, Answers For New Christians.

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