Answers For New Christians Is Excellent!

. . .They are the finest tools we have found to begin the discipling process with children.

-Dr. Anthony Jordan

Executive Director-Treasurer

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

After We Started Using Answers For New Christians  We Had to Start a Waiting List

Answers for New Christians continues to be an excellent tool for helping new Christians understand their decision to follow Christ. We use the book as our curriculum in our New Christians class. We have to have a waiting list because the class is a continuing success. Our kids love the book, too, and many of them take their time to make sure they have covered every detail on every page.

Glenn Barber

Minister to Children

First Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma

Answers For New Christians Combines Seeing and Doing

Robin has combined two key methods of learning in her Answers For New Christians book, seeing and doing. We are using this book as follow up in our Released Time classes and summer camps. What an ideal tool for follow up for boys and girls. I encourage you to consider using it in Sunday School, vacation Bible School, and camp.

-Jerry Traister

National Director of Children’s Bible Ministries, Inc.


Answers For New Christians Is An Outstanding Resource

Mrs. Khoury has assembled and outstanding resource to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus. Her book is clear, Biblical, and easy to follow. Answers For New Christians should be in every church interested in helping their children grow in Christ. It will help those who have already received Christ as well as help prepare the hearts of those yet to receive Him.

-Pastor Tom Elliff

Former President Southern Baptist Convention

They Won’t Want to Put Answers For New Christians Down

. . .Answers For New Christians is very attractively designed with beautiful artwork. It is a book that children will be interested in and not want to put down. I assure you, this material will help provide the spiritual base that children need as they begin their journey with Christ.

-Mary Ann Gardner

Former Early Childhood/Children’s Minister

Northwest Baptist Church


Answers For New Christians Communicates To Children

Robin Khoury has put together an invaluable tool for churches. AnswersFor New Christians Communicates on children’s level. It covers the basics and precludes wrong doctrine.

-Dr. Michael McGee MD

Former Trustee

International Mission Board

Chairman, Hough Ear Institute

Answers For New Christians Is Extremely Helpful

. . .Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your workbook, Answers For New Christians. We find it extremely helpful in working with our children who have made a profession of faith. It isattractive and eye-catching, and addresses the needs of younger and older children. I would highly recommend your workbook to anyone who is interested in the spiritual growth of children.

-Connie Graves

Former Director of Children’s Ministries

Heritage Baptist Church OKC, OK

Answers For New Christians Is a Well Written Appealing Tool

Not only is it excellent for use with new Christians, it helps provide answers for children who are beginning to ask questions about salvation. We use it and would recommend it!

-Carrie Green

Children’s Minister

First Baptist Church, Lawton, OK

Answers For New Christians Is Highly Effective

I have used these materials as at teacher of a New Christian Class, and also with my own grandchildren. I have been very pleased with the results. I recommend them to anyone helping children with spiritual questions.

-Kelly Chavez

Former Director New Christian Class

Northwest Baptist Church OKC, OK


Answers For New Christians Gets It Right

Answers goes “Back to Genesis” to see what the Bible says about the nature of God, the nature of man, the awful character of sin and its penalty. . .These are truths that even a child can understand. Answers For New Christians gets it right.

-John D. Morris

President Institute for Creation Research Review of Answers For New Christians

Answers for New Christians is a tool parents or individuals serving in children’s ministries can use to effectively disciple young children in Christ. This glossy-covered, 70-page textbook/coloring book/workbook uses attractive illustrations and simple language to present the fundamentals of the Christian faith to kids.

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